Telemedicine Information:

The process is simple. Parents call their office as normal for an appointment. Information is taken down like normal and they are given a time. They have the option of using their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer as long as it has a camera and microphone. They are instructed to have a light source ready for use in case we need it for the exam. They are also instructed, if able, to take the temperature and weight. Before the visit time, they should be called by a nurse to check them in. At (or around by 15 minutes or so) the time of the visit, a link will be sent to their device which will get them into a virtual waiting room where to doctor will join them. The landing page they come to will be where they sign in

We are scheduling the telemedicine for acute sick visits and chronic medical problems. We will also soon have the ability to perform EPSDT well child visits needed for school by doing all the history and screening by video and later bring them in for a physical when the COVID pandemic allows, saving them time on the front end.

General Statements:

  • Telemedicine is about meeting our patients where they are and providing the care they need during the pandemic
  • Nothing replaces a face to face exam with a patient but we need to offer safer options at this time
  • Will help avoid visits to urgent care centers or the ER
  • Will allow us to continue to deliver the high quality care they expect
  • Will allow us to continue to connect with our families
  • Of course we are still seeing sick visits in the office when we need to do so